What Once Was and Now Is

February 14, 2017

I love to take something that had one purpose in the past and redo and renew it for the present. So many of my creations are like that and some people think I’m destroying the antique value. Let’s face it most of the things I redo are on their last roll to the trash dump. I’m mean really most of what I redo is from the curb in neighborhoods around me. The value in what I do is that I save things, add them together to make something of use. If I don’t save these things and redo them they will find it in a city dump just piling up.

I bought a lot load from rustybydesignauction.com a few weeks back. It that lot was this old dented tool box that had been painted and badly I might add. I brought it home and let it sit while I looked at it every day when I came home. I wanted to make it fabulous and of use. I had to start with getting some of the dents out. I talked about it almost every night hoping that Greg would work on it and surprise me. It didn’t happen so I Googled how to get the dents out. I used a thin flat piece of wood laying it over the dents and then hammering them out. It worked, I was so happy because now it was ready for paint. I don’t know why I was so surprised because this is how I learned most of my DIY skills. Paint, what color would look good on this piece. I wanted fun but updated, clean but bold and most of all I didn’t want it to be boring. I think I nailed it because this teal blue looked like it should have always been that color. After I put 2 coats on it I let it dry and then took a sander to it. I didn’t want it to be perfect. I wanted it to look worn, shabby chic and vintage. It that it does! The bottom drawers were also painted out in the teal blue but the top inside I painted white. I did that to give it a pop and difference. The final touch was Greg put casters on the bottom so it moved around as needed. 

This piece can be used for so many things like jewelry, make up or even office supplies. I know it was a tool box but please it is now so much more now. I loved this piece so much I wanted to keep it for myself. I told myself if it didn’t sale at the sidewalk sale I was gonna take it back home to live with me. Well that was short-lived dream cause this baby sold quick. My friend Jessica and her daughter saw the value early in the sale and snatched it up. Her daughter is organizing her makeup in it.

Redo, renewing and recycling things is what makes me happy. This piece was no exception. I love its new value and its new life with my friend Jessica and her daughter. What once was a tool box is now AMAZING!!  I do love when someone I know get my items and love them in their home as much as I loved redoing them. It makes for a Blue Happy moment. Tuesday is still the beginning of your week. It’s not to late to make it a great week. Let go of all the stress, live in the moment and make memories.

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