My Little Secret

March 1, 2017

People ask me all the time how I come up with the idea’s for my furniture. So I decided to let you in on my little secret of the process that happens in this artsy head of mine. Trust me when I say it’s a wild ride in my head.  What starts out in my head doesn’t always have the same ending. That can be frustrating at times but it all works out.

I’ll tell Greg,  I need to go to my storage unit to see what speaks to me. No I don’t really hear it speak in a voice it’s more of a feeling when I look at something. A piece has to get my creative head spinning and then I know it’s the next creation. Sometimes a piece found or given to me will sit on my dinning table for days. Then finally I’ll be walking past it and the design hits me. Sometimes those creative idea’s hit me in the middle of the night. Those idea’s drive me crazy because I get up so early.

Once I have the idea I  play with it for a while, work out all the kinks and make sure with my carpenter (Greg) it can be done. I carefully draw out what needs to be done and how the piece will look finished out. I sometimes have pages of drawings if there are different things going on. I do side views, back view and front view. All of it is important because there is nothing worse than to finish a piece and realize “I should have done that or this”. There have been a few I thought I shoulda, woulda coulda. No crying over what I should have done. I learn from all the ups and downs.

Recently I was given these square open boxes. There are 3 large and 3 smaller ones. Within hours of these boxes sitting in front of me I know what I wanted. I just needed to find the time to draw it all out so Greg and I could go over it. Over that weekend I found the time to draw it all out and the outcome is going to be great. Now as I said things always start in my head one way but seem to come out another way when it all comes together. Rarely does a plan stay the course in my studio.

Once it’s all together then the fun part starts. I pick colors, hardware, stencils and the over all look. I have to decide if I  paint it all out or part paint and stain. What is the piece used for determined the type and coats of the clear finish. There is so many questions, steps and stages. Each piece can take about 16 to 24 hours to finish. It all depends on the size, repairs and depth of my crazy creativity.

Once all these decisions are made and the magic happens in my studio the piece is finished, ready for the blog and tagged for my booth at Doc Holliday’s Emporium. This piece isn’t finished as of yet, but will be very soon. I will tell you it is coming out better than the drawing and I can’t wait to share it with you next week on my blog. It will also be a show stopper at the next sidewalk sale at Doc Holliday’s March 11th. So Mark your calendars if you want this piece that is the day to come and get it because all my items will be 20% off that weekend. I hope you enjoyed a little insight to my crazy little art head. I’m a bit artsy crazy but it makes me Blue Happy.

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