A Day To Count Your Blessings

April 14, 2017

This weekend, starting today holds so many feelings of death, darkness, forgiveness and ends with promise. Good Friday to some is nothing more than a day off from work if your place of business is closed. To a faith believer it’s so much more. I often think about Thanksgiving on this day, I know that sounds a bit funny. I do because we all sit around and tell what we are thankful for at Thanksgiving. That’s a good thing but to be honest this weekend is when I think you should really count your blessings. So I’m counting mine, no way could I blog about all of them. I’m just gonna tell you the few that are at the top of my heart today.

Blessing One:
This one might seem a bit odd but just finish reading it and you will understand. This weekend 30 years ago on good Friday I lost my Daddy. I was almost 8 months pregnant with my daughter Heather, 21 years old and living over 900 miles away. For years I was angry and still to this day good Friday and Easter Sunday is hard. The music, oh the music it gets to me in church. All the Easter flowers that line the front of the church reminds me of the funeral home where my Daddy had his service. Roll forward a few years I was now a Momma of 2 its Easter Sunday. I can’t stop the tears, my heart is ripped apart. As I left church that day a lady said why are you so sad? I told her about my Daddy and she made a remark that changed everything. “Well how nice for your Daddy that he went to his heavenly home on Easter, what a celebration he must have seen. I never thought of it that way at all. It still hurts to this day. I feel cheated for me and my kids, but God has a plan. I lean on that thought to get through those hard heart times.

Blessing two:
My family oh how I love them so. I can’t even explain the love that swells my heart to almost bursting. God really piled on the blessings with these people in my life. Everyday I rise and try to do my best as a wife, momma, Lolli and friend. I say friend because to me those close heart friends are my family as well. My best friend Karen is like my sister, John is the brother I never had and the list goes on. They are by far what gets me up and moves me in the morning. They are what makes me wanna be a better person. The three smallest family members Ethan, Scarlett and Lyla May well they are the sprinkles to my happiness everyday.

Blessing three:
Yesterday was such a blessing. I spent it with the most amazing 9 girls and Paula. Myself and Paula took these 9 girls to Heritage Homestead in Waco. I’ve never spent time with Paula one of the moms that went along. After yesterday I look forward to spending more time with her. She was my surprise blessing of the day. Heritage Homestead is a Christian community that is so peaceful and full of artisans. They make everything they use and wear. We toured each artisans studio and watched them work. At the Iron works he showed us how they made nails so long a go. It was large and crude. All I could think of were the nails that were put in Jesus Christ hands and feet. We moved on to the potters house and watched as they made a pie pan on the potter’s wheel. The ladies in the fiber works studio gave us so much information on weaving followed by the basket weavers information our heads were so full. In between we visited other artisans, took LOTS of photo’s and the giggling never stopped all day. I want to share with you photo’s of this trip. All my students bless me, I love each one of them and I’m grateful everyday.

Take the time to count your blessings today. Enjoy your family this weekend. Make new memories and continue old traditions. Hold the ones you love close, but most of all be thankful and grateful for this life you live.

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