When Is The Big Blue Happy Announcement and Much More

July 28, 2017

I said a few weeks back I had something big to announce and I do. Truth is I have  “2” big announcements and on Monday I will let the first one out of the bag. So just a few more hours and you will hear all about the first big Blue Happy announcement. I feel like so much is going on with Blue Happy, a few of my friends and Doc Holliday’s. I just wanna share a few of the blessings with you. There are many more but these are a few. 

My friend Joyce is moving her booth over to Allen Texas to the new Lone Star Mercantile.  They open August 15th and she is getting her booth all gussied up for you to come and shop.  Joyce has an eye for unique and different finds.  She has furniture that is just beautiful and she also sells paint.  So all you Allen/Lucas friends go and look for her booth.  Once she is all set up I will do a blog on her so you can get to know her.

At Doc Holliday’s Vickie is getting all fired up to start teaching classes with her newest adventure “Chalk Couture”.  It looks like a lot of fun and these classes will be taught right here in Wylie at Doc’s ya’ll.  She will also offer many other options with the Chalk Couture product.  Along with this new adventure Vicky’s booth is filled with many of her creations and her gift options are plentiful.  Back to school is just around the corner so if you are needed to start the year off with a teachers gift Vicky has you covered.  Doc’s also offers free gift wrap so you can check that off your to do list.  Vickie is a lovely lady but I think her cat might be rude. LOL but aren’t most cats!

My friend Charla is not moving on up she is joining us down stairs at Doc’s just around the corner for Blue Happy and Vicky Lynn’s booths.  I love this lady she has the most loving, friendly open heart.  Always ready to help you out and give you a hug.  She also is the Queen of finding the oddest but amazing  things at junk sales.  I go through her booth at least 3 or 4 times a week so I don’t miss anything I might want.  So come by this week to check out her new digs down stairs.  She should be already for down stairs shopping by August the 5th.  You can certainly shop before then it just might not be as perky until the 5th.  We don’t mind diggers.

My little school is about to be back in full swing in just a few weeks.  Hard to believe summer is almost over.  I’m sad my summer didn’t go as planned but I’m getting back to myself and my journey is almost over with my surgeries.  I have so many people in my life that have so many blessings.  Sometimes we forget to count them until we have to.  I wanna make that a daily part of living, counting my blessings.  I’ve enjoyed my quiet time this summer although at moments it seemed never-ending.  I planned on a quick recovery but instead I spent time in prayer and thought.  I wanted to travel this summer but spent my days home with my husband.  I’m blessed by this life I have been given and look forward to another day, another blessing and another Blue Happy memory.



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