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August 4, 2017

When I found this Dresser It was plan and simply with a sturdy build. I bought it at my favorite place to shop. I felt a connection to it and when I picked it up I knew instantly what my design would be. It was clear what direction I wanted to go and my creativity was fired up about it.

This dresser is also a first. I restored it in honor of someone who was dear to me. I shared a relationship with this person that most never really knew about. Our moments of connection where brief and simple. Words were always few in our discussions. In some ways this relationship picked me up on days I struggled in my restored life journey. If you got to know this person you would feel the strength in her faith. I would watch as she cared for, loved and harvested many friendships. She was beautiful and soft like the finished piece, sturdy and steadfast in her faith and trust in God like before I restored it. She could roll over you on the court but give you a hand up if you fell down. She loved like know one I’ve every know. So young but yet so full of God’s knowledge. She was funny, bright and a bit of a prankster. Talented is how I would describe her photography and artwork. Never failing in her schoolwork and studies of God’s word.

When I started my journey to restore my life at first you couldn’t tell I was shedding those pounds. About 2 years ago she noticed it in my class one day. She was the first student to ask me how I was doing it. I told her my story and that opened up her massive long mile of questions. After that day she often would give me words of encouragement. She had no idea the days that I would get out of my truck and feel so discouraged. As I walked to my class at school with my head down I would hear this voice out of no where call out. “Looking good Mrs. McCormick looking good”. Always followed with a thumbs up and that big beautiful bright smile. She was a clever one seem to always know when I needed it. My class room for the high school kids is a bit out of their path unless you are headed to art. At odd times of the days she would stick her head in and toss out words of encouragement. `I miss her so much……….

I don’t know if Ally knew what a supportive part of my journey she was, I never told her. I thought about many times but didn’t cause I didn’t want to be that weird art teacher. To be honest I’ve only shared this with like 3 people ever. I share this with you to encourage you to tell people what they mean to you, how they inspire you and how much you love them. In October of this year will be 5 years I planned on hand writing thank you letters to those that walked this journey with me. My stack of letters will include her. I’ll go visit her place of rest and read it to her. I will always miss her, love her and cherish what this very young child of God did for me. Be of love and encouragement to those you pass in this life, Ally always did. To read more about this amazing young lady please go to

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    1. Beautiful and inspiring. God placed a beautiful flower in the right place. Her fragrance will remain forever in their hearts. We all need to be that encouraging to others each day. Just as God loves and lifts us up so many times throughout our lives. God bless you!

    1. Love this blog about Ally! I also miss a someone in my life who died years ago who was an encourager. We all need people like that and we also should be that person for someone if we can.

      LaTonya, Do you think you might have time to meet with us for maybe 30 min to give us advice on following an art passion. for the far future & specifically for this school semester? We can fit ourselves into your schedule anytime, anywhere!

      1. Thank you Kathy for all the love and support you give me. It’s hard to miss someone you love and care for. I’ll keep you in my prayers. We need to get together.

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