Coming Home To This……..

These day’s I’m running the roads sun up to sun down. Teaching, supporting my business at Doc Holliday’s, taking care of personal business, working on projects and blogging the list goes on. I’m on the go from the minute my feet hit the floor. I love to be busy and on the go. I’d rather be living life that way than just sitting around. It’s a busy time of the year for me really for everyone so it’s important to have things and places that comfort you.

In the past food was what I turned to for comfort. Not so much these days does food comfort me. I’ve turned my comfort zone to other things and Waco. I can’t drive to Waco everyday so the next best thing is my home. I love my home and all that is in it. There are no fancy entry ways, lavish bathrooms or over the top decor. What you will find is a cozy sofa, a warm kitchen and decor that expresses Greg and I. We are rather simple and so is our home. It’s a whole lot of vintage shabby chic going on in our house.

I love to come home at the end of a very long day. The past 2 days has been so overwhelming busy. I’m gearing up for the next sidewalk sale and it’s gonna be a big one. I’ll have so many new items that I’ve never shown before. It’s important for me to have a place to reboot and recharge. I’m one of those people who loves to be home and enjoy the peace of being in it. I love my kitchen because Greg and I redid it all ourself. It reminds me of that time we spent together working on it. I love my family room and poker room because this is where we spend all our time alone, with our kids and grand kids. But my favorite place is our master bedroom. It is where we nest, rest and recharge our hearts. I love to go to bed early and watch tv together, cuddle and fall asleep. I blog every night while Greg lays in bed, reads and catches up on news. It’s our quiet time but also together time.


Home is the most important place you can have to run to.  Having your home or at most the rooms that are important to you clear of clutter is necessary to make it your place of rest.  I love to have things around me that make me happy.  I have a favorite blanket and so does Greg.  We both have things that are special to us on our night stands.  Always a little dark chocolate for me and Greg needs to have hard candy.  Comfort is the order of the day right down to our little dogs Cooper and Cherry.  Home really is where your heart is and where you restore you heart for the next day.

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