It Happens Just Like That

I just absolutely love what I do. How in the world did I fall into this amazing little business. For my 50th birthday present my daughter gave me my very own blog. She made it so easy by setting it up. All I have to do is pretty much type and hit a few buttons and it all goes out. That is the easy part it’s the other part that keeps me awake at night. When I do sleep I have nightmares that I go to my storage unit and it’s empty. I’m running down the street in my PJ’s with clients running after me screaming where is all your stuff, why is your store empty when will you get more stuff. It’s real people, it really is a worry that I can’t come up with special things to redo.

I’ve always said from the very beginning of the journey that my faith in God was leading me. On those day’s I feel defeated or so tired because I’m burning the candle at both ends there always seems to be a blessing when I need it the most. On an average I do 3 large pieces a week and I average 4 small pieces a week. Not all of them make it to the blog some are for family, some are custom and goodness some are for my house. No matter who the pieces are for I still have to have and will always have to have pieces to redo.  I buy some at estate sale, garage sales, auctions and online garage sales.  The biggest bulk of the things I use come from what people toss out to garbage.  Greg calls me the little Trash Troll, he does that lovingly or course.  I have a few neighborhoods I troll on a regular basis but I do get calls from people telling me about things they see on the side of the road.  There is no better feeling, a high if you will then finding a great piece on the side of the road.  Most of the time it’s late and I jump out, grab and go, but tonight was different.  I noticed there was a dresser in my neighborhood, it looked okay but the 2 smaller drawers on the top was missing.  I was on my way to pick up dinner when I saw it.  I was so tired because today I almost finished up the move from one storage place to the other.  This was one of those burning the candle at both ends day.  At first I didn’t see it as one of those little blessings it took me a bit to figure that one out.  When I went back to see if the dresser was still there it was but the front door was open with lots of lights on.  I could see a few people moving around so I did something I don’t do much.  I went to the door and ask for permission to take it out of their trash.  These were very young people and they were more than happy to help me load it.  As I was leaving the porch one of the young men said oh hey here are the other 2 drawers.  I got in my car and started home that’s when I realized something. Here is another moment when I’ve been given a little blessing to let me know I’m moving in the right direction.  This was such a blessing because this piece is fabulous! Dovetailed drawers, sturdy and no repairs needed other than a good sand, paint and creativity added this piece will sale it’s self.


As soon as it was in my truck I pulled away and called my friend Charla.  She totally gets how excited I was to get such a jewel off the side of the road.  She is a trash troller by heart as well.  Sometimes we get so tied up in the process that we forget to look for and enjoy the story that is happening in our life.  I’m so so guilty of that in almost every thing I do.  It’s hard to believe at the age of 52 I’m living such a dream.  I’m so blessed to have been given this creative ability. I might need to pinch myself until it turns Blue Happy. Yes that was me being funny!

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