Shocking Transformation of 6 Items

I made a pile of 2 old chairs, 2 old boards, the top of a dresser and a head-board. Well now that is a pile of stuff.  The outcome of all these pieces put together is amazing.  I’m in love with this piece and what an impact it can make to any home.  I found this head-board at, the 2 chairs, 2 boards on the side of the road but the dresser top came from a friend who runs an estate sale company.  I knew when I saw the head-board just what I was going to do with it. It’s rare if I buy something or collect something the minute I put my eyes on it I don’t know what I’m gonna make of it.  This was a clear plan from the beginning.


I started with Greg cutting off the legs of the head-board, then sat it aside.  Greg had a few more things to do for me like cut the back off the chairs.  Then it was attach it all together time.  He used the top of the dresser for the seat that connected the two chair bases.  In the beginning of this plan that was all I needed him to do. When I saw the two chairs and dresser top put together my little light bulb in my head went off.  I saw more storage that could be added underneath.  So back to the work bench to add two boards on the bottom for a great storage place.


Before painting and attaching the two pieces together I wanted to add a touch of whimsical art with Chalk Country Casting product.  I looked at all my stencils and once I flipped to the word family I knew what my design would be.  The words represent what a family is and the leaves represent the family tree.  I had to let this dry over night before I could move on with painting. It’s hard to see with the camera but it’s really beautiful.


Now for the color and how to make it warm for anyones home.  I wanted to do something with a bit of color but not too bright.  My first choice of turquoise was total fail. It had to be a color that would fit into most any home so it was versatile in any decor.  I thought okay what about black, gray or maybe even white.  No those colors were to neutral and I wanted a touch of color.  So I settled on Chalk Country Smoked Mountain.  It is the most beautiful color leaning to the gray-blue family.  I love the way it give depth to the casting on the head-board.


Once it was all painted out and dry it was time to bring it home with the vintage shabby chic.  I sanded back the edges and got a little surprise. When the turquoise showed through I stopped the sander. I could have sanded deeper but the turquoise was so pretty and bright I just left it. WOW I was so excited to finish this piece out I couldn’t stop working.  Hours went into this piece but the final piece is so beautiful.  I used Chalk Country Defender to seal and protect it.  Now all that it needed was to be attach. What use to be 6 piece is now 2 piece and then 1 piece.


I love to recreate these trashed items into something special.  Restoring things to have new life is so fulfilling.  I’ve got so many new things coming I can’t wait to get them all done up and on the blog.  I hope this week is stacking up to be a great week to give thanks for all that you have.

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  1. I love everything you make. You have a natural eye and a beautiful purpose in making a dream piece for someone’s home! Thank you for using your God given talent to honor God and blessing others! Love you forever sister!

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