Thanksgiving Silence

I was quiet on Thanksgiving not much on Facebook, Instagram or texting. On my drive home from the gym on Thanksgiving morning I decided to go quiet to step back a bit and focus on my family. When I got to our place of celebration I turned my phone on silent, laid it face down and walked away from it. I didn’t pick it up until late Thursday as we were going home. I took no pictures, no video’s and didn’t check any messages. Why in the world on a holiday would I not take photo’s or video’s? I did it for one reason, to get involved in that moment. To open my eye’s to the moment I was standing in. This is what I saw……..

Everyone in the room seems happy, all smiles and a calmness seem to cover the room. There was no stress what so ever. As I started to really dig into what each person was doing I noticed my grandson was not giving much attention to either set of grandparent. He was having way to much fun running and playing with his cousin Jacob. They seem to be having so much fun tackling each other and rolling around the floor. My daughter never looked so beautiful. I noticed she was wearing one of her nana’s scarves. I don’t know if she was aware that every time she took a bit of her pasta (made from her nana’s recipe) she would touch the scarf. That pasta was made by her nana for her every Thanksgiving until the year she passed away. I took over that job so she could always have that special dish to remember her. Across the room newly weds were holding hands and looking at each other with the sweetest of looks. I wanted to go over and ask them how married like was going but it was clear it was going better than great. My son was amazed at all the food selection that was made for the vegetarians. He continued to hover over the food with a sweet little boy look on his face. I couldn’t find my daughter in law Ali and Lyla but I discovered them in a room off the family room playing with blocks. I watched for just a moment, my heart is so full when I see my little boys little girl. I watched all day and it was all the same but different. Everyone in different conversations but everyone in the same mood. The day was everything Thanksgiving should and could be. Janice and David did a great job hosting this year. Rosa helped out in the kitchen and it showed on her face when she watch everyone eat. Janice pulled out a family recipe for the dressing and it was delicious. Last but not least the one person I noticed all day she moved in and out of my vision. The new mom in the family and her new baby girl. This baby is so beautiful and the look on moms face is priceless. She cuddled and sways with her baby. As our day ended I was pleased that I didn’t carry my phone around, that I took the time to enjoy what was going on. Nothing big happened but many big memories were made. No photo’s were taken on my phone but in my head and heart are many.

Sometimes we have to step back and reset what we normally do to appreciate what is happening. It was nice to be somewhat off the grid. I started to blog last night but thought no I just want a little more quiet time. This reset has filled my heart with Blue Happiness. I feel refreshed and ready to start my new week back at school.  I’m full of idea’s and creativity that is over flowing.  I can’t wait to start my week!

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