Hello and welcome to Blue Happy Living I’m so excited to share with you my next adventure.  I was born an artist blessed with a talent that was God given.  I always knew I would follow some type of creative path,  If I couldn’t create I would be lifeless.  Art is how I exist, how I breathe, without it it I don’t exist.  It is my passion to share with others this world I live so peacefully in.  I have taught art for the past 25 years in my own studio.  I loved every minute of it.  My students fueled me every class as I watched them learn and create art.  I have been so blessed by those students seeing some amazing art come alive on canvas.  Recently I turned 50. WOW. Yes that’s right 50! A few months before I began to look back on my journey and look forward to where I was going.  I wanted to share my ideas, projects and love for art with so many more, but how?  My sweet, amazing and talented computer nerd daughter (meant with lots of love)  said Mom just do a blog you have lots to share so why not.  Ok a blog hmmmmmm how the heck do you do that.  As I said I’m art smart, the end.  So for my birthday present she offered her services to me free of charge and thank goodness cause I’m sure I couldn’t afford this service and her brillance.  How would I find the time with my studio, teaching at Wylie Prep, family, Faith and being a grandma (Lolli) to my sweet little Ethan.  I told myself you are too old to start over, it’s too late to have a new dream. Thankfully I didn’t hear that little girl deep inside and ran the other way.  So with lots of prayer, support from my family, and great friends I began this new journey.  I closed my art studio after 25 years.  I organized my life to where I had more time with my family and I thank God every day he has lead me every step of the way.

When you come to my blog you will find that I blog Monday through Friday with a few special weekend blogs.  Everyday will be different but each day will have a theme.  Monday “make yourself happy,” Tuesday “art project day,” Wednesday “reuse/redo day,” Thursday “redoing the space you are living in” with Fridays ending the week with a grab bag day grabbing from the week subjects.  I’m so excited to share how to decorate your home on a little to no budget. I’ll be redoing rooms in my own home as well as some of my friends homes to show you how to take what you have and make it creative and happy for your everyday living.  Art is so important in your home and should be art that has meaning to you and your family.  Anyone can go to the store and buy art that is beautiful and store bought art has its place but art by you or your family is happy art.  So many have ask where did the name Blue Happy Living comes  from and I’m happy to tell you in my first blog.  Come join me in this Blue Happy Living world.

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