Hey there - I'm the artist behind

blue happy living

and i'm so glad you're here!

Blue Happy Living is the story of my journey from unhealthy and unhappy to restored and renewed. I was overweight and artistically unfulfilled. 

In the last few years, I have lost 150+ lbs and started a small business. It's been quite the journey! 

Here on my blog, you'll find honest stories about my weight loss, inspirational words about overcoming obstacles, and detailed project reveals. 

Many of the furniture and home decor pieces I redesign have been abandoned and left in the trash pile. I find so much joy in taking the discarded and making it beautiful once again. 

Take a look around, then come see my work locally at Doc Holliday's Emporium in Wylie, Texas. 

Shop my one-of-a-kind pieces at Doc Holliday's Emporium in Wylie, Texas. Check out the monthly sidewalk sale for the best deals!

Check the blog for DIY tips and tricks each week. If you're local, consider taking one of my monthly classes at Doc Holliday's Emporium. 

weight loss journey

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